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Central Coast Clutch and Brake’s strengths are its staff and its strong business relationships with Australia’s leading suppliers of automotive componentry

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For 57 years, Central Coast Clutch and Brake has been an undefeated local family business, navigating industry changes with resilience and embodying a legacy of trust and excellence in the automotive community.

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Central Coast Clutch and Brake specialise in helping you find the perfect clutch for your needs. With their extensive expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, they’ll ensure you get the right fit for your vehicle, making your driving experience smooth and reliable. Whether you have specific requirements or need expert advice, Central Coast Clutch and Brake is dedicated to providing the ideal solution for your clutch needs.


Central Coast Clutch and Brake is adept at identifying and providing the perfect set of brakes tailored to your car’s specifications. With their expertise and commitment to delivering top-notch automotive solutions, you can trust them to ensure your vehicle’s braking system is optimal for safety and performance. Whether you have specific preferences or need professional guidance, Central Coast Clutch and Brake is dedicated to matching your car with the right brakes for a reliable and secure driving experience.


Central Coast Clutch & Brake can provide a wide range of services from all types of machining disc, drum and flywheel services to manufacturing clutch and brake cables, Brake hose's in rubber to performance stainless steel braided brake hoses, Clutch and brake hydraulic cylinder re sleeving, Brake booster reconditioning, Brake caliper overhauls to powder coating automotive componentry, Soda / sandblasting engine parts and other automotive componentry, to our mechanical repairs, Clutch and brake upgrades and fitting & repair of clutch or brake systems.

About Us

Central Coast Clutch and Brake is a distinguished automotive service provider with a legacy spanning 57 years, embodying a local family business committed to excellence. Specializing in identifying and delivering the perfect clutches and brakes for vehicles, the company combines expert knowledge, resilience, and a customer-centric approach. With a focus on innovation, sustainability, and community engagement, Central Coast Clutch and Brake stands as an industry leader, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technologies while maintaining a steadfast commitment to environmental responsibility. The company’s enduring success is a testament to its values, making it a trusted and integral part of the local automotive community, providing reliable solutions and exceptional service for over five decades.

Our Community

Central Coast Clutch and Brake demonstrates its commitment to supporting the local community in various ways. The company actively participates in local events, sponsors community initiatives, and contributes to charitable organisations. By engaging with the community, Central Coast Clutch and Brake not only strengthens its relationships but also plays a role in promoting local development and well-being. Additionally, the company may offer employment opportunities, support local suppliers, and provide services tailored to the needs of the community, further solidifying its role as a valued member of the local area.

Contact Us

You can reach us by phone, email, social media platforms or by visit us in person if your in the local area you can visit at one of our 2 locations at Gosford or Tumbi Umbi during business hours to speak to someone in person also you can fill out a contact us form below. Using one or more of these methods should allow you to easily contact Central Coast Clutch and Brake to inquire about their services or ask any questions you may have.

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Central Coast Clutch and Brake is a family operated company which was founded in 1967 by John and Pat Lawson. Over the years, their reputation as the leading clutch and brake componentry specialist grew, as did their coverage of the complete Central Coast and other parts of Australia.

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86 Showground Rd North Gosford 2250 N.S.W.

Tumbi Umbi

86 Showground Rd North Gosford 2250 N.S.W.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes as the brake pad requires an even surface to perform at correctly and to ensure you get the full life and performance out of your brake pads without any squeaks.

Vintage cars 12 months, Daily drivers 12-18 months. Brake fluid is Hygroscopic which means “absorb water” It will tend to absorb water and moisture in the brake or clutch system, the more moisture content in the brake fluid it will lower the boiling point of the fluid. This means this could lead to your brake fluid vaporizing causing a couple of things, brake or clutch peddle going to the floor or a very spongy peddle.

Yes flywheels can wear in different ways similar to disc rotors the clutch plate need s flat surface to operate, most flywheels have a specification which is critical for the clutch to operate correctly and to ensure smooth gear changes. The friction material needs the best chance to bed in by machining the flywheel this will ensure the friction material will bed in correctly.

A clutch should last quite a while it depends on several key things and the main one is “driving style” and the other is what you use the vehicle for. If the driving style is good the clutch should last quite some time

On the products we provide with clutch or brake its generally 12 months or 20,000km which ever occurs first

Yes we do consider them, We urge people to drop in a resume at any of the 2 branches.

Yes we do we make brake pipes and brake hoses inhouse

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