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Central Coast Clutch and Brake offers a wide range of services, which include:

Manufacturing of Brake and Clutch Cables: They can create custom brake and clutch cables to fit specific vehicle needs.
Manufacturing of Brake Hoses: These can be manufactured in both rubber and stainless steel to ensure durability and safety.
Manufacturing of Brake Pipes: Central Coast Clutch and Brake can produce brake pipes to your specifications.
Remanufacturing of Power Brake Boosters: They can refurbish or remanufacture power brake boosters to ensure proper braking assistance.
Remanufacturing of Disc Brake Calipers: Restoration of disc brake calipers to maintain or improve braking performance.
Resleeving Brake and Clutch Cylinders: This service involves repairing or replacing the sleeves of brake and clutch cylinders.
Flywheel Grinding: Refinishing and resurfacing flywheels for smooth clutch engagement.
Disc and Drum Machining: Machining services for both disc and drum brake components, including caravan brake drums with electric magnet surfaces.
Brake or Clutch Re-bonding: Re-bonding worn brake or clutch components to extend their lifespan.
Clutch Rebuilding: Comprehensive rebuilding of clutch systems to ensure proper operation.
Full Workshop Facilities:  has a full-service workshop for installing brake and clutch systems, as well as suspension systems.
Logbook servicing. Logbook servicing involves adhering to the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule, ensuring that your vehicle is maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. This can help keep your warranty intact and extend the life of your vehicle.


We help select the correct clutch for customers by taking a personalized approach. They spend time with you, either on the phone or in person, to understand your driving style and application.

Here at Central Coast Clutch and Brake we can offer a range of clutch products, including but not limited to:

      1.    Standard Clutches: Suitable for everyday driving and typical vehicle applications.

      2.    Street Performance Clutches: Upgraded clutches for improved performance and durability, ideal for modified or high-performance street cars.

      3.    Off-Road Clutches: Clutches designed to withstand the rigors of off-road and 4×4 driving.

      4.    Performance Clutches: Clutches tailored for enhanced performance, often used in sports cars and other high-performance vehicles.

      5.    Racing Clutches: High-performance clutches specifically designed for racing applications, such as track racing or drag racing.

      6.    Drifting Clutches: Clutches optimized for the unique demands of drifting, where quick engagement and disengagement are crucial.

      7.    Rally Clutches: Clutches engineered for rally racing, which involves a mix of off-road and high-performance driving.

  1.      Clutch re-manufacturing old vintage or farm equipment.

Clutch hydraulics are an essential part of a vehicle’s clutch system, and Central Coast Clutch and Brake may offer a range of clutch hydraulic components, which could include:

      1.    Clutch Master Cylinder: This component is responsible for generating hydraulic pressure to engage and disengage the clutch.

      2.    Clutch Slave Cylinder: The slave cylinder works in conjunction with the master cylinder to transmit hydraulic pressure to the clutch release bearing.

      3.    Clutch Lines and Hoses: These components ensure the proper flow of hydraulic fluid between the master and slave cylinders.

       4.       Concentric slave cylinders (CSCs) are crucial components in many modern clutch systems, especially in vehicles with hydraulic clutches. Central Coast Clutch and Brake may offer concentric slave cylinders as part of their clutch product range. CSCs are responsible for transmitting hydraulic pressure to disengage the clutch when you press the pedal. These are essential components for vehicles with hydraulic clutches


Central Coast Clutch and Brake can offer a variety of brake products, which may include:


      1.    Brake Pads: These are available in different materials and formulations, such as organic, semi-metallic, and ceramic, to suit various driving needs.

      2.    Brake Rotors: They provide a selection of brake rotors, which can vary in terms of design and materials, such as drilled, slotted, or heavy duty disc  rotors.

      3.    Brake Calipers: Replacement or upgraded brake calipers for improved braking performance.

      4.    Brake Lines and Hoses: They may offer brake lines and hoses to ensure proper fluid circulation and pressure in your braking system.

      5.    Brake Fluid: Options for brake fluid, including different types and grades, to meet specific requirements.

      6.    Brake Hardware: Various brake hardware components like clips, shims, and pins for brake pad replacement and maintenance.

      7.    Brake Master Cylinders: Replacement master cylinders to maintain or upgrade your brake system.

      8.    Brake Boosters: Brake boosters, which help amplify the force applied to the brake pedal for more effective braking.

           9.    Brake Shoes: Brake shoes are used in drum brake systems and can be supplied for vehicles equipped with this type of braking system.

      10.   Wheel Cylinders: Wheel cylinders are crucial components in drum brake systems, and they can provide replacement wheel cylinders for vehicles with drum brakes.

Brake Cable Manufacture

We have the only machine on the Central Coast that can manufacture cables of all sorts from brake cables, clutch cables, throttle cables and more.

Brake Calliper Reconditioning

We can remanufacture your front or rear brake callipers at your request. We carry a large range of brake callipers for sale and exchange. Our stock includes a range of makes and models.

On The Car Disc Machining

We also offer on-car disc machine service, available for cars and 4×4 vehicles in our workshop.

Brake Hose Manufacture

We manufacture brake hoses on site, and we offer same-day service for almost every type of hose (cars, trucks and motorbikes). We can customise your braking system to meet your unique needs.

Power Brake Booster Reconditioning

Most braking systems utilise the vacuum created by the vehicle’s engine to amplify the braking pedal effort of the vehicle. Central Coast Clutch and Brake carries an extensive range of vacuum system components. We specialise in remanufacturing vacuum brake boosters of any shape and size.

Brake Bonding

Here at Central Coast Clutch and Brake, we do industrial bonding and brake bonding. We bond anything, including: 

Vintage brake bands / Vintage brake shoes / Mower discs / Industrial bonding (ex: power winch brakes &
centrifugal clutches) / Quad and mini bikes / Chainsaws / Clutch plates / And many more applications

Re -sleeving

We will re-sleeve & re-kit your brakes, clutch, master cylinders, wheel cylinders or slave cylinders. We re-sleeve cylinders with zinc plated stainless steel, which puts a nice finish on the job.

Disc Machining

Disc brake machining is available for all types of disc rotors. We handle everything from standard discs to performance drilled and slotted discs.

Flywheel Grinding

We machine just about any type of flywheel, including heavy commercial trucks, agricultural machinery, performance vehicles and more.

Brake Pipes

We can make your brake pipes in any size and length you need. We also we have different types of material to choose from, including steel, stainless steel & copper. Our brake pipes come in the following sizes:

3/16  –  1/4  –  5/16  –  3/8

Clutch Reconditioning

We specialise in clutch rebuilding. We can rebuild anything from an old 1915 triple plate Willys-Knight to heavy commercial trucks and machinery.

Brake Drum Machining

We offer brake drum machining for all types of trucks, motorbikes and cars.

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Central Coast Clutch and Brake is a family operated company which was founded in 1967 by John and Pat Lawson. Over the years, their reputation as the leading clutch and brake componentry specialist grew, as did their coverage of the complete Central Coast and other parts of Australia.

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